Systematic Quality Control:

Quality Control is conducted in every process of our products. We perform tests on our product every hour with the relevant equipments.

Quality at Omniscient is a result of sincere efforts, intelligent direction and skillful execution of the entire process. We follow well defined quality management system right from the procurement of the raw material till the final dispatch of the products.

All the stages of production are strictly supervised by experienced quality control supervisors, who ensure flawless execution of the task.

Pushing ahead with grueling schedules, punishing deadlines and a raging desire to be beyond competition roles sets the bar high for quality standards.

To meet the most exacting requirements of the most demanding client, we have an array of sophisticated technology to ensure the best of quality product.

Our quality policy is Supply of quality products on time, as per Customer’s requirement through continuous up-gradation of technology.

Backed by high-tech machines, our production unit leads to consistent innovation and improvisation. We use latest sewing machines that guarantee safety and long-lasting stitch. The indelible ink is used to achieve better printing quality and clarity. The final batch of product is approved for delivery only after uncompromising fault-finding and inexorable testing and inspection.

Quality control tests at every stage of the manufacturing process:

Tape Plant: At tape plant level, every lot of the produced tapes is checked for its denier & strength.

Beta Gauge: We also have the Beta gauge machines which continuously checks the size and the denier of the tape.

Fabric Checking: Fabric produced by every loom is checked for right weaving, width, strength and finish.

In Process Checking: Checking of all the parameters required at the semi-finished & finished stage which mainly includes, cutting & stitching.

In House Printing: Printing is checked for print quality, adherence of ink, and stitching is monitored with reference to the specifications.

Tensile Test: Tensile and breaking strength of all the lots is checked on Tensile Tester.

Various Necessary Tests: Load Test, Length & Width Test, Gusset Test, Valve Test, etc. are also carried out.

Complete Inspection: Full detailed inspection is carried out at each and every level to ensure the bags are made with the tolerance allowance.

Rig Test: Rig test are performed over the bags to ensure the load bearing capacity of each bag.

Bundle & Bales Checking: Final inspection is carried on the bundles and the packed bales to ensure that no loop holes are observed before the bales are been put on the container for shipment.

After such extensive quality control operations at our in-house quality testing lab, there remains not an iota of doubt about the superlative quality of our finished products.