Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) or Bulk Bags as it is popularly known today are giant size bags in drum or box shape. These bags are made of high tenacity Polypropylene (PP) material and are UV stabilized with certain additives to give more shine to the bag and TiO2. They are produced in a range of capacities from 250KG Safe Working Load to 2500KG Safe Working Load with a Safety Factor 5:1 (Single trip) and 6:1 (Multi trip), depending on the density of the bulk material that is handled in the bag. These bags are normally tailor made to meet the specific requirements of the end users.

At Omniscient, we provide a wide range of these Bulk bags to meet today's diverse packaging requirements. We offer them with different sizes, strengths, fabric weight, loop designs, top and base designs, inner liner or lamination (outside/inside the bag) and various printing options. We can do a maximum up to six color printing on our Bulk bags as per the customer’s requirement. Our FIBCs are made in different colors and we can use multi-colour webbing to give them a different and a unique look all together.

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