Perfection is impossible, but continual pursuit of perfection is dedication that few will pursue. Our future depends on the dedication of individuals to lead the way for the quality we wish to achieve. Methodology, management & consistency of process provide the environment for achieving perfection. We go far beyond 100% measurement of Product; its commitment to achieving perfection in all aspects of manufacturing and is reflected in our customer satisfaction with our products. Pursuit of Excellence is the most challenging aspect of any manufacturing company.

Quality demands are a must in all aspects of Polypropylene Woven Sack manufacturing. It requires a range of processing expertise, technologies and application to provide consolidated results to users. Novel and innovative solutions & approaches provide the edge to have technological advancements and necessary place in tomorrow’s world.

  • Extrusion Tape Line – Latest Technology Lohiya Starlinger Tape Plant.
  • Circular Weaving Machine / Circular Looms – Weaving up to 150cm Tubular Fabrics.
  • Color Printing Machine.
  • Coating / Lamination Plant.
  • Woven sack Cutting and Stitching Machines.
  • FIBC Bag Making Facility.
  • Hydraulic Balling Press
Testing Machinery:

(Without Photos, Just note the below points only)

  • Tensile Tester.
  • Melt flow rate meter.
  • Measuring reel.