Welcome to Woven sack Bags

A Pure, Transparent, Luminous and Quintessence manufacturer and globally supplier of Polypropylene Woven Sack bags with Rich and Trusted quality.

Omniscient International was established in 2010 in Gujarat – Western part of India. We are guided by a continued focus on building strong and lasting relationships with all its customers, employees, environment, investors, business partners and communities, and to provide the best quality products and services.

Our success is the direct result of our committed workforce and clear company goals set by our experienced management.

Our young, enthusiastic, experienced and result oriented team comprises of engineers, raw material procurement experts, quality checking personnel, management officials, skilled labours and other members helped us gain extensive success over the years and winning the trust of our esteemed customers.

Our historical expansions in the PP Woven Sacks have always been undertaken keeping in mind the value creation initiatives of scale, integration, geography, and product mix. With a continual focus on cost and efficiency, Omniscient is now firmly positioned amongst the lowest cost PP Woven Sacks producer in the India.

Today, the company proudly states the large number of clients who are completely satisfied and loyal towards the brand. The products have been exported to various nations worldwide.

We are acclaimed for our commendable quality and timely service.

Our complete commitment to the best quality, service and prices will help the company take great strides in future. Our products are with complete varieties, quality assurance, strength and international standards. We adapt to market demand, constantly innovate and wholeheartedly provide customers with high quality products. We hope to establish good cooperation with more companies in domestic and overseas markets, hand in hand to create a new age of environmental protection packing.

Our management of production strictly refers to ISO quality certificate system, sticking to the principal of “Quality is always in the First Place”.

We believe that you will be more concerned with our management concepts:

Systematic Quality Control:

Quality Control is conducted in every process of our products. We perform tests on our Woven Sack Bag for Sizes, breaking strength, length, Denial, Printing and stitching quality and Packing so that our customers have no worries about our products.


The entire production process is automatically controlled. This greatly reduces our labour costs, making us more competitive in the industry.


It is our policy to do our best to achieve what you have thought of and exceed your expectations by doing what you have overlooked.

Made In Indian Area:

It is our greatest honor to be a Indian manufacturer to declare that our products are “Made in India”.

Our request on our sales personnel is simple:

“Honest, Sincere and Down-to-Earth spirit and achieving what you have promised”.

Only by insisting on these simple principles can a corporation survive in the long run.

  • Understand Customer’s requirement accurately.
  • Establish healthy relationships with vendors.
  • Produce quality product, cost effectively.
  • Close Monitoring of internal rejection and any customer complaint.
  • Continual improvement of Human Capital through effective training.
  • Effective housekeeping.
Operational Excellence:

Maintaining a low cost philosophy by continued focus on production cost efficiency, scale and technology efficiency, raw material efficiency and investment efficiency will help us maintain our industry cost position in the future. We emphasise the importance of operational excellence to bring synergies and facilitate best practice knowledge transfer across the global Omniscient footprint. Key focus areas include bench marking conversion costs, optimising the workforce and recovery, and environment health and safety issues.

Financial Prudence:

We are committed to maintaining a continued emphasis on financial discipline and prudent investment decisions. We evaluate each potential investment on the basis of stand-alone profitability and efficiency, in addition to its potential synergistic contribution within the overall organization. We strive to maintain an efficient capital structure as we grow to provide us sufficient flexibility in our operations and sufficient liquidity in our cash flow position. We intend to continue to finance projects on a standalone basis and to maintain debt levels at a level where cash flows from individual operations are sufficient to cover our debt service requirements even during industrial downturns.